CD1 - Coming Up For Air

1. Coming Up For Air
2. Matter of Time
3. Thunder and Lightning
4. Still Love You Tomorrow
5. Lovers

UK - 6.00 (inc. P+P)
Europe - 7.00 (inc P+P)
World - 7.50 (inc P+P)

CD2 - Matter of Time

1. Matter of Time
2. Still Love You Tomorrow

UK - 3.00 (inc. P+P)
Europe - 4.00 (inc P+P)
World - 5.50 (inc P+P)

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"IT IS A THUMB. The thumb. The thumbs, both of them. It is her thumbs that we remember; it is her thumbs that have set her apart....."

Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, Tom Robbins

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